Getting started with Vagrant

Get started setting up reproducible development environments using HashiCorp Vagrant including a basic and multi-machine configuration.

St. Louis Full Stack Web Development - 11/2017

Automated Testing using Selenium

Demonstration of automated tests using Selenium server with Codeception and Mocha.

St. Louis Full Stack Web Development - 6/2017

Basic 3D Design (with SketchUp)

Basic concepts of 3D design with SketchUp 2017

BuildSTL Meetup - 1/2017

Intro to Raspberry Pi

An introduction to the Raspberry Pi platform with an overview of both the hardware and software.
A demo of reading/writing to/from the GPIO pins in Python 3 with the necessary hardware layout.

BuildSTL Meetup - 8/2016

Intro to Linux

An introduction to Linux with an overview of popular distributions.
I also explain the basics of using the Bash Shell/Terminal and editors Nano & VIM.

Ready to be presented to your group


My web presence where I share presentations, projects and my experience.

Black Bear Haversack

E-commerce presence implemented using Magento Open Source Edition.

In cooperation with the owner, we have migrated this web presence from OSCommerce to Magento 1 and are in the process of porting to Magento 2.

Pawns & Palisades

A personal project that I use to experiment with different technologies including jQuery and Vue.js.

Garage Door Controller

A personal project that started my home automation system allowing the family to control and monitor the doors in the garage.

Technologies used include Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266, Ardruino IDE, & personally designed 3D printed case.

A collaborative effort to create a web presence for STL meetups to share their resources with the community.
My primary responsibility has been creating the front-end using Vue.js.

Matt Thomas (matsinet)

Dad, Developer, Tinker with over two decades of various experience from CAD/CAM development and administration, web developement and hosting.

My server side experience has been in the LAMP Stack, especially with MVC frameworks Laravel, Zend 2, Yii Framework, CakePHP.

My frontend experience has been in Angular 5, CSS 3, HTML 5, jQuery and Bootstrap

I have been building additional personal projects with jQuery, Vue.js, Semantic UI CSS framework, Python (Flask) and Arduino C.

I like to create IoT devices using Raspberry Pi and Micro Controllers including the ESP8266.

Work Experience

NEC Energy Solutions : System Engineer : UI Team

Implemented front end applications for the control systems of energy storage solutions.

Angular VMWare Workstation Linux Mint MariaDB REST API

Tacony Corporation : Software Engineer via Norton Staffing

Implemented enterprise backend for numerous web presences using Laravel.
Maintained and updated Magento 1 e-commerce website.

Laravel Vagrant PHP JavaScript Magento 1 Linux MariaDB REST API

Centric Group/TKC Holdings : Contract Software Engineer via Norton Staffing

Worked to improve and support an ecommerce platform using Zend 2 include MVC, jQuery, MySQL.
Development was accomplished on Windows workstations with the rest of the stack being Linux.

PHP Zend 2 Codeception jQuery/jQuery UI Linux MySQL

AgriSolutions/Family Farms : Lead Software Developer

Implement agricultural operations management applications for using Yii MVC Framework including a REST API for mobile application interface.
Design database tables (PostgreSQL) to support implementation of PHP web interface
Implemented and maintained product deployment processed using version control system (GitHub)
Implemented and maintained Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP (LAPP) development environment
Develop and maintain release process and documentation

PHP Yii Framework Linux REST API HTML/CSS jQuery Apache PostgreSQL

Charter Communications : Software Developer II

Maintain and enhance warehousing process via a web portal for DVR, cable modem and phone modem devices using PHP, CakePHP MVC Framework and jQuery
Configure and develop content for the PerfTech in-browser message system using HTML, CSS and Javascript
Design and implement role bases access control using Ruby on Rails and internally developed PERL enterprise service bus
Design and manage the development process for near real time billing (CSG) to provisioning integration (Sigma Systems)
Manage the administrative task around team training including budgeting, approval, enrollment

PHP CakePHP jQuery HTML/CSS Ruby on Rails Linux VSphere MySQL Apache

Canis Consulting : Owner

Provided web hosting on multiple Linux & Windows servers using IIS 6, Apache, MySQL, Xmail Server, Kerio MailServer, FileZilla FTP, PureFTP and CPanel
Developed web sites for clients using PHP, Postnuke, OSCommerce, Magento and ASP
Developed database solutions using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server
Provided training on Computer Basics and Microsoft Office Products
Performed general PC troubleshooting and repairs including PC migration, OS installation
Performed server installation, migration and troubleshooting on Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2003

PHP JavaScript Yii Ubuntu HTML/CSS MySQL Apache Magento Python CakePHP


Saint Louis Full Stack Web Development

Learning how to create full-stack, scalable internet applications, from the database all the way to front-end user interfaces.


Full Stack Wire-Up (Initial Design) : 2/2018 Getting started with Vagrant : 11/2017 Automated Testing using Selenium : 6/2017


If it's JavaScript, we'll talk about it, be it front end, back end, or on robots. We're an open discussion forum for JavaScript frameworks and technologies!



No longer meeting

Build.STL is a group to encourage making your own electronics. Whether you're an experienced hardware hacker or an interested beginner.


Basic 3D Design (with SketchUp) : 1/2017 Intro to Raspberry Pi : 8/2016